Mosquitos are insects that have gotten a reputation for being irritating. Getting rid of them can be easy, but you may be concerned for nearby bee populations. Let’s explore ways to control mosquitos while keeping bees safe from harm.

Apply Pesticide

Applying a pesticide to the ground will reduce how much of it is lost in the air while spraying. Pesticides that are granular may drift, which can cause harm to bees and other insects that forage on flowers and plants. If you cannot use a pesticide that is applied directly to the ground, try to spray the area in the late evening or at night, as bees are more likely to be in their hive.

Cover Hives

If you are interested in beekeeping and have your own beehive, or several, you should take precautions and keep hives covered while using aerial sprays for mosquito control dundalk. You can speak with professionals to learn about the best way to cover your bees, including using burlap or some other breathable material. These materials will allow the bees to get the airflow required to survive while keeping them safe from pesticides.

Take Precautions

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If you want to keep mosquito populations in control, you should start by eliminated mosquito-friendly features in your yard. For example, all standing water should be removed or dumped so that these insects do not have a place to breed. You can also place fans strategically to keep them away, trim your grass, and get rid of wood piles.

Mosquitos can be difficult to find, let alone get rid of, but you can do so by taking some of the steps listed above. Apply a pesticide directly to the ground, cover beehives, and take precautions to prevent booms in mosquito populations if you want to protect bees while controlling mosquitos.