Fire is a powerful force in our lives.  It gives us heat, light and allows us cook food and live a modern life.  Without fire we would really be out in the cold and struggling in m any ways.  With all of the great benefits fire gives us, it can be a deadly force as well.  With this in mind, having a fire extinguishers nyc nearby will help prevent a fire from spreading.

Throw away rags, papers and trash that could be an accelerant or a fuel source for fire.  Many fires are caused by accidental means.  This can be a flame getting close to a rag, paper towels or something that can catch on fire.  If we keep these items in a contained space that won’t burn, we are keeping potential problems from starting.

Don’t smoke

You don’t want to smoke.  When we smoke, we are working with an open flame as well as possible floating ashes.  If we are talking with a cigarette in our mouth it could flip our or drop causing a fire to start.  Another issue is that people will not extinguish a cigarette completely.  They will flick a cigarette onto the ground and even though you step on it to put it out, sparks may have flown somewhere which won’t start smoking for several moments, long enough for you to think everything is fine and to leave the scene.

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Turn off burners and heaters

When you go to bed or if you are leaving the house, make sure that you turn off any burners on the stove as well as turn off heaters.  If you are not going to be in the room to enjoy the heat, turn it off.  The heat that has been created should last long enough to keep the area warm. If not, then you should come back earlier and deal with the cold while you wait for the room to heat up. 

Small steps like these will help you in preventing fires and other tragedies.